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Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is the founder of Forte Labs and the popular online course, Building a Second Brain

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Billy Broas

Billy is a marketer & copywriter and has been behind the scenes of some of the top online entrepreneurs.

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The Five Lightbulbs®

Building a Second Brain

Meet the Team

Make Your Marketing Message Land

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Write of Passage

Building a Second Brain

Kimberly Snyder

David Perell

Tiago Forte

Partial list of clients Billy has advised

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Shivani Berry

Rafeh Qazi

Clever Programmer

Khe Hy


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Abbi Perets

Successful Freelance Mom

Abhinav Chihikara

10K Designers
Graphic Design

Ben Collins

Collins School of Data
Spreadsheet Automation

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Ali Abdaal

YouTuber Academy

Business Growth

Walid Feghali

Concept Art

Nathan Cole

Violin Instruction

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Women's Leadership

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Keystone is a premium program for online business owners looking for a different approach to marketing.

Our participants are course creators, consultants, and service providers who have top-notch products, but struggle to convey their full value.

Keystone runs on The Five Lightbulbs® framework and is the flagship program under the brand.

Troubled by marketing overwhelm, pushy sales tactics, and being too "in the weeds" with their products, our participants find relief inside Keystone.

If you join us, you'll focus only on what matters most. You'll create compelling messaging that resonates with your audience and is infused with your authentic self.

Our doors are closed, but enter your details below to get notified when we open applications to our next cohort.

Bring in more clients and customers, and without sounding like a late-night infomercial