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Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is the founder of Building a Second Brain, the wildy successful cohort-based online course.

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Billy Broas

Billy Broas has been marketing online courses since 2010 and has advised some of the top course creators.  

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Messaging Strategist

Building a Second Brain

Meet the Team

Turns Your Online Course into a Magnet for Perfect Students

- Matt Swan,

The frameworks and processes in Keystone were exactly what we needed to help launch our cohort-based course.

The 5 Lightbulb exercises made writing a high-quality email series a breeze...we had customers email us asking if they could buy before we officially opened enrollment.

So much so, the first course we launched using the Keystone process has generated over 7 figures!



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Healthy Eating

Write of Passage

Building a Second Brain

Kimberly Snyder

David Perell

Tiago Forte

Billy has advised some of the top course creators

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Shivani Berry

Rafeh Qazi

Clever Programmer

Khe Hy


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Abbi Perets

Successful Freelance Mom

Abhinav Chihikara

10K Designers
Graphic Design

Ben Collins

Collins School of Data
Spreadsheet Automation

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Matt Swan

Business Growth

Walid Feghali

Concept Art

Nathan Cole

Violin Instruction

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Women's Leadership

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