Back in 2010, in the early days of online courses, Billy Broas sold his very first seat. The course topic? Teaching people how to brew their own beer at home. That started it all.

Since then, Billy has partnered with, advised, and trained some of the top online business owners.

As for how Billy and Tiago Forte came together? Billy met Tiago through the Teachable community. Billy said to Tiago...

"A year ago I took your Building a Second Brain course, and it's something special. But you're underselling it. If you take a different approach to explaining it, you could reach far more people."

Tiago brought Billy on board as his marketing advisor and together, they grew Tiago's online course into a million-dollar per year business.

Passionate about online education, Tiago & Billy decided to launch their own venture.

Reflecting on what worked & what didn't, they asked themselves the question: "What's the most important thing a modern-day entrepreneur needs to be successful?"

The answer was obvious: "The skillset to market their products."

Marketing is the foundation a business is built upon. It's the "key stone" that if lacking, everything crumbles.

With that conversation, Keystone was born.